• 3rd - 12th Grade Math Tutoring


Tutor Me Taught is an online math center with the answers to your math problems. We offer with a state of the art curriculum and tutors that are excited to share their extensive knowledge of the math world with your student. Our math tutors are experienced and dedicated to helping your student thrive in their academic environment.

We know how important it is that your student is able to get their classwork and homework done and feel confident in their ability to grasp the concepts being taught. We are able to customize a math support program to fit your student’s learning style and speed. The curriculum we utilize stands alone in its field and is able to pinpoint any gaps in your student’s math knowledge.

Every student has different needs and every family will have different obstacles to overcome and meet those needs. Tutor Me Taught was created by a family, for families. We have done our best to strategize and implement a math center that is effective, engaging, affordable, and flexible enough to accommodate a family’s busy and ever changing schedule.

After registering and choosing the membership option that best fits your family’s needs, your student will take our assessment test. This test will help us determine where your student’s strengths and weaknesses are and if there are any gaps in their math education. Many times we find that if a student is having problems with a math concept it’s because they missed a step along the way that was essential for that certain concept.

Once we determine a starting point for your student we then begin to observe how your student learns. There are many ways to explain a math concept and our formulated teaching method and top rated curriculum allows our tutors to teach outside the box.

Our center is committed to providing skilled tutors that have the ability to recognize your child’s learning style and match it with their personalized instructions.